NC legislators speak out against anti-gay amendment

As the North Carolina House debated and voted on legislation that would send an anti-gay constitutional amendment to the statewide ballot in May 2012, fair-minded lawmakers passionately characterized the amendment for what it is: discriminatory and harmful.

Several legislators, including Rep Paul Leubke, criticized the decision to prohibit public debate on the amendment earlier in the day as it passed out of the House Rules Committee. Rep. Pricey Harrison teared up as he asked her colleagues to consider what kind of message this bill sends to her lesbian sister, who is happily married with a daughter.

Check out this compilation of speeches against the amendment from NC Policy Watch:

The fight to defeat this amendment isn't over. Equality NC will be rallying today in Raleigh to demonstrate to lawmakers that most North Carolinians don't want to amend the state constitution to discriminate against loving families. Click here for info on the rally. 

It's crucial that fair-minded North Carolinians are keeping up the pressure on their Senators all day today. Click here to contact your Senators and then share this action with everyone you know in North Carolina.