Nebraska Representative Brad Ashford celebrates freedom to marry

Monday, March 2, Congressman Brad Ashford cheered on the federal ruling from yesterday that affirmed the freedom to marry in Nebraska and struck down the state's ban on marriage between same-sex couples.

Representative Ashford applauded the ruling:

Discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation has no place in this country. Courts across the country are demanding equal treatment under the law, and today, Nebraska took a major stand against inequality in this country. This decision does not ask individuals to abandon their principles on the issue, but rather, to accept that this country is overwhelmingly diverse, and we must embrace those who might not hold our same beliefs. The many differences of individuals are what make this a great nation, and today’s decision recognizes that same-sex couples deserve equal rights under the law. I applaud this decision and commit to continue working for equality for all Nebraskans in the future.

Representative Ashford is a signer of the Respect for Marriage Act, which was reintroduced on January 6, and would ensure that the federal government respects all valid marriages across every single federal agency. The bill has 43 cosponsors in the Senate and 78 cosponsors in the House of Representatives.

The federal ruling on March 2 was in the case Waters v. Ricketts, which was filed on November 17 by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska. The case was filed on behalf of seven same-sex couples who either were unmarried and wanted to marry in Nebraska or were married out of state and sought respect for their marriages within the state.

On March 2, federal Judge Joseph F. Bataillon in Nebraska ruled in favor of the freedom to marry, striking down the state's ban on marriage between same-sex couples -- a decision that will take effect on March 9, 2015 at 8:00am.

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