Nevada Senate committee begins process of moving marriage forward

This morning, a Senate committee in Nevada voted to advance a legislative measure that would repeal the state's anti-marriage amendment and replace it with the freedom to marry. The Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections decided by a vote of 3-2 to pass the measure, which now moves to the Senate floor. A vote is expected before April 23. 

An initial draft of the language for the measure sought to repeal the state's 2006 anti-marriage constitutional amendment, but the resolution passed this morning takes a step forward by replacing that language with an amendment to "recognize marriages and issue marriage licenses, regardless of gender." 

The vote marks the first step in the process of winning the freedom to marry for all Nevadans. According to Nevada law, If the legislature passes the resolution this year, in 2013, they must pass an identical resolution in 2015, during their next session. If the resolution successfully passes through both votes, the decision will go before a public vote at the ballot in November 2016.

Freedom to Marry applauds the Senate committee for standing on the Right Side of History today and taking the lead on repealing an amendment that does nothing but hurt Nevada families. We urge the legislature to consider why marriage matters and vote in favor of the resolution this year and beyond.

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