New Jersey works toward freedom to marry with Override Clubs

Over the past several months, Garden State Equality, the largest civil rights organization in New Jersey, has been working hard to override Gov. Chris Christie's veto of the freedom to marry. In February, a freedom to marry bill passed out of both chambers of the New Jersey legislature, but Gov. Christie vetoed it. Now, Garden State Equality and Freedom to Marry are leading the charge to override the governor's decision. We have until the end of the legislative session in January 2014 to gain enough votes in the state legislature to overturn the veto.
Right now, Garden State Equality is focused on organizing and bolstering Override Clubs across the state. Override Clubs are groups of people who support the freedom to marry who come together and work on the hyper-local, community level to encourage support for overturning the veto. Garden State Equality will be fostering these clubs and providing organizing tools and strategies for encouraging New Jersey residents to commit to the freedom to marry in the state. If you live in New Jersey, check out Garden State Equality's website to learn more about being a part of an Override Club. 
In addition to organizing the Override Clubs, Garden State Equality is busy planning its annual Equality Walk, which will take place this year on Saturday, June 23 in Montclair, NJ. The Equality Walk is the organization's primary source of net revenue, which will be more important than ever this year in the effort to overturn Gov. Christie's veto.
The organization has applauded President Barack Obama's recent comments expressing his support for the freedom to marry for all couples. Steven Goldstein, Chair of Garden State Equality, released a statement after the President's announcement explaining its significance in New Jersey:
[The announcement] is of particular importance to those of us fighintg in New Jersey and everywhere else marriage equality is up for grabs. No longer will opponents such as Governor Chris Christie be able to take cover by saying, "Why are you going after me?" My opposition to marriage equality is simply the same view as that of our President." The political cover is now thrown into the dustbin of history parked outside the archives of prejudice, collecting its rhetorical trash.
Freedom to Marry will be working closely with Garden State Equality in the coming months to override Gov. Christie's veto of the freedom to marry. Supporters can donate to Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund, which will go directly into the work of winning the freedom to marry for all couples in New Jersey and other battleground states.  Freedom to Marry is proud to have partnered with Garden State Equality to pass the marriage bill earlier this year, and we are committed to working with our coalition partners in New Jersey in the coming months to override the veto.