New litigation resource tracks lawsuits making the case for marriage in the courts

Since the June 2013 Supreme Court ruling striking down the central part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, state and federal courts have seen a flurry of legal activity surrounding the freedom to marry in the 37 states where same-sex couples are still barred from marrying. 35 lawsuits are currently pending in the courts involving the marriage laws of 19 states. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, the American Foundation for Equal Rights, state-based advocacy and legal organizations, and private lawyers have all filed cases this summer on behalf of loving, committed couples seeking the freedom to marry or respect for their legal out-of-state marriage. 

Now more than ever before, same-sex couples and their families are standing up for the freedom to marry. With the central part of DOMA removed and the Obama administration implementing its repeal so that many married same-sex couples - even those who live in non-marriage states - can access federal protections of marriage, these families know that it's time for marriage nationwide. And, in addition to the important work we've seen this year taking place in legislatures, public education campaigns, and ballot fights, they're taking their stories to the courts to make the case that it's time. 

Freedom to Marry’s national strategy has always been to win a final victory in the Supreme Court. The key to encouraging the Court to rule in favor of the freedom to marry nationwide is to work the tracks of the Roadmap to Victory: growing public support, winning marriage in more states, and ending federal discrimination. By the time we return to the Supreme Court with a marriage case, we must create the climate that maximizes our chances at a 50-state victory.

Keeping track of what's going on in state, federal, and trial courts can be challenging, as they move quickly, with many steps in the legal process. That's why Freedom to Marry is launching our new Marriage Litigation resource, which provides a comprehensive overview at all of the marriage-related legal cases already underway. The resource tracks all of the lawsuits filed in each case, with summaries of the cases, links to meet the plaintiffs, and the briefs filed for each lawsuit.

Freedom to Marry applauds the work of the legal organizations behind these marriage lawsuits, and we are excited to continue making the case to win marriage nationwide. 

Check out the Marriage Litigation resource