New poll in Maine reaffirms strong support for the freedom to marry

Today, The Portland Press Herald in Maine released the results from a survey that asked Maine voters whether they support the citizen's initiative in the state to pass the freedom to marry. The poll found that 57% of respondents say they support the freedom to marry in Maine, while only 35% say they are opposed.  

Mainers United for Marriage is a coalition of organizations dedicated to passing the freedom to marry through a proactive ballot initiative that will be put before voters in November. Freedom to Marry is a founding and leading member of the coalition. Matt McTighe, the campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, reflected on the poll results in a press release from the organization this morning:

The evidence continues to grow that Maine voters support allowing all loving, committed couples to receive a marriage license. Thousands of volunteers have been working tirelessly to talk to their friends and neighbors about marriage and why it matters to same-sex couples. We've had more than 110,000 one-on-one conversations with people, and we know that they are changing their minds. This poll is just the latest benchmark to show how much things have changed since 2009.

Today's poll can be added to a number of recent polls that have shown strong support for the freedom to marry in Maine. In June, a survey showed 55 percent of Mainers favoring marriage for all couples, with 36 opposed, and an April poll found 58 percent in support, with 39.9 percent opposed.

Although these poll numbers are some of the best we've ever seen on marriage, it's critical that supporters of the freedom to marry not grow complacent. The election is four months away, and there is still significant amounts of work to do in order to secure the freedom to marry for all couples at the ballot box in November. This historic campaign is reading these poll numbers as wonderful evidence of the fact that Mainers across the state are truly taking the time to consider why marriage matters to same-sex couples, and they are turning around on the issue. We must now seize the momentum from polls like this and apply that energy to doing even more to win marriage in Maine. 

Mainers United showcased some of that work in a recent video. Watch the video HERE: