New poll shows a growing number of Louisiana voters support marriage

This week, a new poll from The 2014 Louisiana Survey has tracked increasing support for the freedom to marry in Louisiana. The poll shows that in just one year, support for marriage across the state increased by 3 points, with 42% of residents saying they are supportive. In New Orleans specifically, a large majority - 58 percent - said they support the freedom to marry. A different poll from Public Policy Polling from 2013 tracked support for marriage at just 28%, meaning that every day, Louisiana is moving marriage forward. 

When the question was expanded to include whether the respondent supports civil union or other forms of legal protection for gay and lesbian couples, a solid 50% of all Louisianans said they are supportive (up from 47% last year).

Younger Louisianans view the freedom to marry even more favorably, with 60 percent of respondents ages 18-24 saying they support marriage for gay and lesbian couples. And, notably, a massive 67 percent of survey respondents, regardless of their personal beliefs on the subject, said they believed that same-sex couples in Louisiana would "eventually" have the freedom to marry.

Just a few weeks ago, a national Washington Post-ABC News poll tracked support for marriage in the Southern region of the United States at a solid 50%.

Through Southerners for the Freedom to Marry, we have worked to amplify this support and continue making the case - alongside more than a dozen state and regional partner organizations, including LA-based Equality Louisiana - that America is ready for marriage. 

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