New poll shows overwhelming support for the freedom to marry in Washington

A new poll from the Associated Press shows majority support for the freedom to marry in Washington state. The statewide poll, which surveyed 500 voters, was conducted last week by Strategies 360 for publication in the Associated Press. It asked Washington voters whether they support or oppose the freedom to marry law that Gov. Christine Gregoire signed in February.

Results show that 55 percent of respondents approve of upholding the freedom to marry in the state, while only 33 percent would reject the law at the ballot. Among Democrats surveyed, 87 percent said they supported the law, and 52 percent of Independent voters approved. 

Zach Silk, the campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, reflected on the significance of the poll in a statement:

In Washington, we did it right. With broad support from Republicans and Democrats, we passed a law that respects all of our families while protecting the rights of religious institutions to make their own decisions. This poll affirms what we see and hear every day: That Washingtonians believe that marriage belongs to all loving, committed couples.

Silk also encouraged marriage supporters to prepare for a campaign against opponents of the freedom to marry. Protect Marriage Washington, the anti-gay organization working to overturn the Washington freedom to marry law, is now collecting signatures in hopes of putting the law to a vote in the November 6, 2012 election. Silk said:

Our opponents are out of step with Washington values, but thanks to their paid signature operation, they'll turn out in huge numbers and succeed in putting the law on November's ballot. And we know that what lies ahead is a campaign designed to frighten and confuse voters.

Freedom to Marry is  a key partner in Washington United for Marriage. We are energized to see such overwhelming support for the freedom to marry in Washington, especially after seeing similarly strong majority support in Maryland and across the country earlier this month. We are thrilled to see Americans considering the importance of marriage for all couples and raising their voices in support of the freedom to marry.