New TV ads in Washington highlight people of faith and religious liberty

Yesterday, Washington United for Marriage, the coalition working to uphold the freedom to marry in Washington, released two new television advertisements that will begin airing across the state. Both of the ads discuss the role of religion in Washington residents' support for the freedom to marry. 

One ad features Rev. Rich Lang, a reverend from the University Temple Methodist Church in Seattle, and his wife of 29 years, Cathy. Rev. Lang says, "I struggled with the notion of same-sex marriage and it was compassion that that broke in. My shift came when I realized that at the very core of my Christianity is the compassion that God has shown towards me."

The other ad includes five different faith leaders who each explain that Referendum 74 extends CIVIL marriage protections to same-sex couples, meaning that religious freedom will still be fully protected and no church will be forced to marry same-sex couples if they choose not to. 

Six different faith leaders - from a United Methodist Church, a Lutheran Church, a Presbyterian Church, a Congregational Church, and a Christian United Church - sound off on why they support marriage for same-sex couples, and they note how many people of faith are changing their views on marriage. 

"Marriage matters to all of us," the faith leaders say. "We should protect religious freedom, and allow all committed same-sex couples to marry. Referendum 74 does both."

Zach Silk, the campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, talked about the importance of the new ads yesterday in a press release. He said:

These ads remind Washingtonians of two important truths: that our new marriage law fully protects religious liberty, and that for many people embracing the fundamental value of the freedom to marry requires serious thought and reflection," said Zach Silk, WUM campaign manager. "We understand that journey and we hear about it every day as we talk to voters across the state. We believe Rev. Lang's journey will resonate with a lot of people.

 Watch both ads below, learn more about the freedom to marry in Washington, and read about all four states facing marriage-related ballot measures