New Video: Mayors across Florida speak out for the freedom to marry

This summer, mayors from across the country - including in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama - have been standing up for marriage for same-sex couples by signing on as members of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, the bipartisan coalition of more than 450 mayors who understand that ending marriage discrimination is good for the country. In Florida in particular, the list is of supportive mayors continues to grow, with a total of 35 mayors in the Sunshine State pledging their support for the freedom to marry.

In Florida, Mayors for the Freedom to Marry include elected officials representing Orlando, Key West, St. Petersburg, Lake Worth, and Miami Beach, with a number of new mayors coming aboard this month. They include: Marni Sawicki of Cape Coral, Sam Henderson of Gulfport, Claire Schubert of Hillsboro Beach, and John Marks of Tallahassee. The list of mayors in Florida is the largest state-wide list, including four Republican mayors - in any state where same-sex couples do not have yet have the freedom to marry. Check it out here.

Our founder and president Evan Wolfson appluaded the growing support today. He said:

Americans have come to understand that it is wrong to exclude loving, committed gay couples from marriage – and a stunning 57% of Floridians agree. Florida mayors are making the case that ending marriage discrimination is the right thing for America, for their communities, for business and the economy, and for the tens of thousands of same-sex couples who call Florida home. Marriage strengthens families and communities, and it's time to end marriage discrimination in Florida, and in America, once and for all.

Mayor Marks is featured in a new video released as part of Southerners for the Freedom to Marry, the Freedom to Marry-led coalition of 15 state and regional equality organizations, including Equality Florida

In the video, he explains, "I think all citizens are beginning to recognize that this is the right thing to do. Individuals have rights and freedoms, and we need to allow everybody to have those same rights and those same freedoms," referencing his history in the civil rights movement and his own loving marriage to his wife of forty-five committed years. 

Watch the video below, and then check out all of the Florida Mayors for the Freedom to Marry here