Nine superstar Grammy nominees speak out for the freedom to marry

This Sunday, February 8, some of the biggest voices in music will be honored at the 57th Grammy Awards, an annual awards show celebrating the best songs, albums, and voices of the year.

This year, as in several past years, many of the artists nominated for Grammys have been vocal, fervent supporters of the LGBT community - indeed, two of the most nominated musicians of the year, "Stay With Me" singer Sam Smith and country songwriter/performer Brandy Clark, are openly gay themselves.  Again and again, these artists have consistently called for respect for same-sex couples and equality for all people, no matter who they love.

We know how important positive media representation for the freedom to marry is at this critical time in the movement, just months before the United States Supreme Court considers arguments on gay and lesbian couples' freedom to marry. Freedom to Marry is thrilled to see such a diversity of voices - from all genres of music, including country, R&B, and pop - speaking up for why marriage matters.

Here are nine great quotes from Grammy-nominated artists who support gay and lesbian people and the freedom to marry: