NJ State Senate passes marriage bill

Today on a 24-16 vote, the New Jersey State Senate passed legislation to extend marriage to gay and lesbian couples. Today's victory comes two years after a marriage bill failed in the State Senate in 2010 on a 14-20 vote and is a true testament to the strategic work of marriage advocates in New Jersey, led by Garden State Equality.

Following today's vote, our COO Scott Davenport, a resident of South Organge, NJ told the Washington Blade

“I’m thrilled to see the New Jersey State Senate dramatically reverse its course of just a few years ago and vote to bring the freedom to marry to thousands of loving and committed New Jersey couples. I believe as more and more gay and lesbian headed families tell their stories to their friends, neighbors and legislators about why marriage matters to them that we will see at three more hearts and minds changed in the state Senate."

 Freedom to Marry staff will be on the ground in Trenton on Thursday when the Assembly is scheduled to vote! Follow us on Twitter for live updates from the Statehouse.