NOM Fails in New Hampshire Primary Elections

Great news out of New Hampshire! 

In Tuesday's primaries, the National Organization for Marriage had promised to take down Republicans who voted against repealing the freedom to marry. In every district where there was evidence of NOM's participation, they failed! This includes State Representative Mike Ball, a strong opponent of the repeal of the freedom to marry, who was heavily targeted by negative mail in the final days leading to Election.

New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality worked hard and smart on the elections. They spent a total of $130,000 to defend Republicans who voted against the repeal of the freedom to marry, of the 41 candidates they supported, 30 were victorious. With an impressive 73% win rate, Sean Owen, the chairman of the PAC stated, "The New Hampshire Republican Party has taken another big step today. 2012 is the year the NHGOP turns the page on discrimination against same-sex couples and their families. Our 100% positive campaign first resulted in a tremendous legislative victory this spring when the majority of House Republicans voted to uphold our state's marriage law. Today's election results solidified these gains." 

In the governor's race, both parties chose their nominees. Pro-equality Democrat Maggie Hassan will face off against Republican Ovide Lamontagne, who has vowed to sign a repeal bill into law if he wins.  Political commentators view this as a toss-up election.