NOM has lies, we have the truth

By Cameron Tolle, Freedom to Marry's Online Organizer 

We’ve heard a lot of misleading statements from the National Organization for Marriage this summer.  During the organization’s 23-city “Summer for Marriage Tour,” Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and other speakers at the “One Man, One Woman” rallies have spewed countless lies about gay people, our families, and our lives.  Whether is was a North Carolina speaker’s claim that gay people have shorter life spans than straight people or Alveda King’s absurd assertion that marriage between a loving same-sex couple is the equivalent of genocide, it seems like we’ve heard it all from Maggie, Brian and their fellow proponents of marital exclusion.

But, as you know, NOM’s lies rarely go unanswered! For instance, the NOM Tour Tracker—our partnership with Courage Campaign—captured every second of NOM’s distortions on the Summer for Marriage tour.  Time and time again, bloggers, activists, and people who just have an affinity for common sense are publicly exposing NOM’s arguments for what they are: unfounded lies used to harm the lives of real families.

Check out this great, point-by-point refutation by of NOM’s latest propaganda ad that aired in California after a federal court ruled that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. Once again, NOM’s ad conveniently twisted the facts, and once again, supporters of equality are calling them out:



Keep up the lies, NOM. And we’ll just keep on telling the truth.