November 4: Take Action to Preserve the Freedom to Marry in California

Tell everyone you know: Vote No on 8! Prop. 8 is unfair and wrong and would eliminate couples' freedom to marry in California. Preserving marriage equality will not only protect families in California, it will also add momentum to move our country toward fairness for all.

Here are a few simple ways to take action:

1) Spread the word about No on 8. Make sure everyone knows to VOTE NO (not yes) and knows to GO ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT!

2) Donate to No on 8. If you have already, do it again.

3) Phone Bank for No on 8. Visit a field office, host a phone bank party, or just do it from home.

Here are the important battles and the right way to vote , alongside the presidential and other key races:

CALIFORNIA: Vote No on 8

FLORIDA: Vote No on 2

ARIZONA: Vote No on 102

CONNECTICUT: Vote No on Question 1

ARKANSAS: Vote No on Act 1