Field update: Moving marriage forward in Maine

Greetings from Maine, where momentum to win the freedom to marry has never been higher! Mainers United for Marriage, the campaign launched last month to win marriage in November, has mobilized hundreds of supporters from around the state who are taking action each day to move marriage forward.

Today, Mainers United announced the opening of three offices-- in Portland, Brewer, and Lewiston-- and the start of the campaign's statewide canvass program. Between now and November, Mainers United will have 100,000 conversations with Maine voters about why marriage matters to same-sex couples, and each conversation will bring us one step closer to victory on Election Day.

Polls show that support for the freedom to marry is on the rise, thanks to intensive public education and voter outreach efforts by EqualityMaine, GLAD, Mainers United, and a host of other coalition partners working to win marriage in Maine. And as more Mainers continue to talk with their friends, family, and neighbors about marriage for gay and lesbian couples, the numbers will only get higher between now and Election Day.

Want to help make Maine the first state to proactively win marriage at the ballot? Here are a few important ways you can help right now:

1.) Yesterday, Mainers United for Marriage announced that Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder and the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of The New Republic, and his fiancé, Sean Eldridge, our Senior Advisor here at Freedom to Marry, have generously agreed to match every dollar raised for the next four weeks, up to $100,000. Matt McTighe, the Campaign Manager for Mainers United, explained why Chris and Sean are investing in Maine in an email to supporters yesterday:

They’re offering this gift now because they believe Maine is well-positioned to win marriage this November, and because they know early investment in the campaign is crucial to victory. Our campaign is off to a great start. Support for marriage has never been higher in any state, with polls showing between 54-58% support for marriage.  We've held more than 60,000 one-on-one conversations with Mainers, and we're going to continue to build on our strong level of support all summer long. With this match, and with your support, we will be able to hire more Organizers, reach more Mainers, and continue the work that will help us win in November.  

There's no better time to pitch in to the campaign to win marriage in Maine. A $10 gift will become $20 and a $25 gift will become $50-- CLICK HERE to donate to Mainers United now.

2.) If you're in Maine, be sure to join Mainers United for the Statewide Day of Action this Saturday, May 19th. Hundreds of volunteers will be taking action at over a dozen events across the state. Days like Saturday will make the difference between winning and losing this November, so click here to sign up for a Day of Action event near you!

Freedom to Marry is proud to be a leading member of the coalition to win marriage in Maine this year. We'll continue to devote significant resources and staff time to ensuring that come November, all loving couples in Maine will have the freedom to marry.