Op-Ed: Advance Marriage Rights

As posted by Jinxy Yang on thehoya.com:

"Just because a limitation on civil rights is the law currently is not justification for its continued existence. Slavery played a central role for most of human history. Racial discrimination had been the norm for even longer. Both were enshrined in the law.

"Nor should a majority opinion be grounds for denial of minority rights. If individual Southern states had voted on the Civil Rights Act in 1964, it would not have passed, despite its moral underpinnings. The majority would have once again denied the minority their rightful civil liberties. In fact, in 1964 no Southern Republican in Congress voted for the passage of the act. Republican Senator Barry Goldwater from Arizona famously remarked, 'You can’t legislate morality.' California’s Proposition 8 is yet another case where rights were withheld in the name of democracy.

... "It is my sincerest wish that 40 years from now, denial of Americans’ right to 'marry the person precious to me,' even if they are of the same gender, would be no more than a ludicrous distant memory."

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