Op-Ed: Why the freedom to marry is good for straight people

As posted by Diana Landen on momlogic.com:

"If America would just allow same-sex couples to get married, it would be better for all of us. Let me explain.  

"'Each one of us, whether we ever marry or not, benefits from the ways a healthy marriage culture protects children and the common good.' -- National Organization for Marriage (NOM) pamphlet

"I don't know whether to scream or cry. Our society desperately needs more strong, healthy marriages that last a lifetime. The members of NOM could be fighting to create them. Instead, NOM just wants to keep gay people from marrying each other.

..."Not surprisingly, gay-straight marriages rarely last. The Straight Spouse Network estimates that only 17 percent of mixed-orientation marriages will still be together three years after the gay or lesbian spouse comes out. That's an 83 percent divorce rate -- twice as high as the already-high national rate of 40 percent.

"And what about the children in all of this? Before he was caught hiring a male prostitute to carry his luggage, minister and anti-gay activist George Rekers testified against adoption by gay parents in several court cases. Children, he argued, need parents who present positive role models of relationships between men and women.

..."The truth is simple: Gay-straight marriages lead to adultery and divorce. They are dishonest, unhappy, unhealthy and bad for children. The freedom to marry is the solution, not the problem.

"It's long past time to accept and celebrate gay people and support them marrying each other. And maybe if people stopped fighting marriage equality, we could get to work figuring out how to strengthen American marriage."

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