Oregon United for Marriage kicks off campaign with ‘Summer of Love’ event

On June 1, Oregon United for Marriage, the campaign working to pass the freedom to marry in Oregon, kicked off its canvassing efforts with 'Summer of Love,' a rally to mobilze volunteers and engage supporters of the freedom to marry in a signature-collecting effort. If Oregon United for Marriage can gather enough signatures of people who support marriage for same-sex couples, an initiative to extend the freedom to marry to gay and lesbian families will be placed on the ballot for the November 2014 election in the state. 

Senator Jeff Markley, a longtime supporter of same-sex couples and their families, joined the 'Summer of Love' rally in Portland. Other notable attendees included Rev. Chuck Currie, retired Lt. Col. Linda Campbell, and chief petitioner Rev. Mark Knutson.

Jeana Frazzini, the chief petitioner for Oregon United for Marriage, announced her excitement for the day's events. She said:

Saturday is the first day of Pride month, and it's a great day to kick off the "Summer of Love" - to ensure that every loving, committed couple can marry in Oregon. In Oregon, we believe in basic freedom, and in treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. We are thrilled to be joined by Senator Jeff Merkley, a longtime advocate for fairness and equality.

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