Phone bank for marriage in WA and ME without ever leaving your couch!

Just because marriage isn't on the ballot in your state this fall doesn't mean that you don't have a huge stake in this election.

With ballot measures concerning the freedom to marry being voted on in less than two weeks in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington, this election is one of the most important moments for marriage in history. If we win even one ballot initiative, we can destroy our opponents' last desperate talking point - that we can't win a popular vote. Winning a popular vote and breaking down that talking point would have an enormous effect on our movement's momentum.

That's why we need you to help make sure voters in the ballot states go out to the polls on Election Day and vote to support the freedom to marry. We cannot stand to lose these ballot battles, and we cannot risk even one supporter of the freedom to marry staying at home on Election Day.

If you can't participate in our Drive for Marriage program - where people from states surrounding ME, MD, MN and WA are driving into those states to knock on doors and canvass communities - please step up and join us for our new remote phone banking program. You can make calls for Mainers United for Marriage and Washington United for Marriage without ever even leaving your couch. Just sign up, and an organizer in Maine or Washington will help get you started.

CLICK HERE to sign up to phone bank remotely for Mainers United for Marriage.

CLICK HERE to sign up to phone bank remotely for Washington United for Marriage.

In these two weeks before Election Day, we need to remind voters what these ballot initiatives are all about: loving and committed couples who want to get married. We can make history on November 6 - but only with your help. SIGN UP to phone bank for the Maine or Washington campaigns.

Learn more about all four ballot campaigns, and read profiles of loving and committed couples who stand to benefit from these battles.