Phone bank from home in all four states with Marriage Equality USA!

This election may be the most important election the freedom to marry has ever faced: With marriage on the ballot in four states - Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington - and tangible chances at winning in each state, we can make history by winning at the ballot for the first time ever. 

If we win even one ballot initiative, we can destroy our opponents' last desperate talking point - that we can't win a popular vote. Winning a popular vote and breaking down that talking point would have an enormous effect on our movement's momentum.

So even if you don't live in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, or Washington, you have a huge stake in this election. And that's why we need you to help make sure voters in the ballot states go out to the polls and vote to support the freedom to marry. Each campaign has done months and months of legwork, preparing for Election Day, but all of it means very little if we can't get voters out to the pools. We can't risk even one support of the freedom to marry staying at home on Election Day.

Now, Marriage Equality USA is making it possible for you to phone bank from home to all four ballot states. Their remote phone banking program will help you make contact from wherever you are. Make calls to the states, talk about why marriage matters, and remind people to vote!

Just CLICK HERE to sign up, and an organizer from Marriage Equality USA will be in touch about how you can help in these crucial five days before the election.