Photographer aims to expand project and Let Love Reign across the country

In 2009, photographer Catalina Kulczar began a mission to photograph and document same-sex couples and their families living across the United States. The project, which she started in North Carolina shortly after Proposition 8 overturned the freedom to marry in California, was titled Let Love Reign and featured a half dozen same-sex couples from the Tar Heel State.

When she moved to New York City with her husband Juan, Catalina was inspired to continue pushing on with her project.

"I want to open people's eyes who might be unwilling to accept this," she explained. "I want to show that we're all the same: We all love, we all bleed, and we should all have the same rights. I want to make an impression and educate people." 

Freedom to Marry has previously featured Catalina's work specifically around her couples in North Carolina - you can read that Q&A here. Through that initial post, Houston resident Lauren Burnham discovered the Let Love Reign project and fell in love with Catalina’s mission.

Immediately, Lauren reached out to Catalina and asked if she would come to Texas to expand Let Love Reign. Because funding is needed to cover Catalina’s travel expenses (as this is Catalina’s personal passion project), Lauren decided to raise funds via GoFundMe to bring Catalina to Houston.

This weekend, Catalina is arranging photo shoots with same-sex couples and their families across the city of Houston. With so much momentum for marriage in states across the country, she knows that showcasing personal stories of same-sex couples can have a huge impact, and that's what she aims to do with the Houston leg of Let Love Reign.

"It upsets me that so many same-sex couples cannot have the same rights in marriage as Juan and I do - social security, inheritance, hospital visitation, and so many other legal aspects," Catalina explained. "It infuriates me and it makes me sad, and I want to scream out loud through my photography and their words and stories. My fire is being fed just by the sheer unfairness of the subject, and I want to do something about it."

Learn more about why Lauren was compelled to bring Catalina to Houston, Texas HERE

Catalina is also looking to expand her project with Let Love Reign ambassadors, aiming to yell across the country that it's time for freedom, equality, and marriage protections for all same-sex couples. 

Get in touch with Catalina and learn more about how you can help out by emailing her at