PHOTOS: Same-sex couples in Wyoming get married in the Equality State!

Today, October 21, is the first day of the freedom to marry in Wyoming! 

It's been an exciting few days in the Equality State: On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Scott Skavdahl ruled in favor of the freedom to marry in a federal legal case that challenged the state’s anti-marriage constitutional amendment, Guzzo v. Mead, led by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Wyoming Equality. The ruling came with a stay on the order, but since Wyoming Gov. Mead is not appealing the ruling - with an official notice filed at 10:00am in WY this morning - the freedom to marry took effect today. Read the notice filed this morning by the governor here.

For the past year, Freedom to Marry has been proud to serve as a leading and founding member of Wyoming Unites for Marriage, a public education campaign with Wyoming Equality designed to begin and amplify the conversation on why marriage matters in Wyoming. Freedom to Marry has also amplified conversations from across WY, most prominently with a national TV ad featuring GOP stalwart Alan Simpson, a former U.S. Senator from WY.

Check out photos from the great day: