Photos: The first weddings between same-sex couples in Seattle

Yesterday, December 9, was the first day that same-sex couples in Washington could marry and have those marriages respected by the state. Hundreds of loving and committed couples - many celebrating 10, 20, or 30 years together - tied the knot in court houses across the state.

In the next month, Maine and Maryland will join Washington in welcoming same-sex couples to share in the freedom to marry. All three states made history in November by becoming the first states to pass marriage for same-sex couples by a popular vote. This weekend, Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire wrote about the importance of the Washington law on The Huffington Post. She wrote:

The voters have told all our families that they are equal under the law. They told the children of same-sex families that their parents' love is not different. To the parents who have fought so fiercely for the rights of their much-loved gay and lesbian children, Washington said they, too, will someday witness their son's or daughter's wedding. And we told the young people out there who are wondering about their future that it does in fact get better, that they will have the chance to grow up in a state that loves and values them for who they are, not for whom they love. 

Freedom to Marry supporter Victoria Shaffer was on hand to photograph the big day on Sunday, and she shared her photos with us! Check out our favorites below, and click here for all of the pictures.






All photos courtesy of Freedom to Marry supporter Victoria Shaffer.