PHOTOS: Washington senator who led marriage fight weds longtime partner

On Saturday, August 10, Ed Murray, who serves as a state senator in Washington, married his longtime partner, Michael Shiosaki. The men married on the 22nd anniversary of the day they first met each other in a formal Episocpal ceremony in Seattle. Before serving as a senator for Washington, Murray represented the 43rd District of Seattle in the House. Currently, he is campaigning to become the mayor of Seattle. His husband, Shiosaki, is Director of Planning for the Seattle Parks Department. (Photo: Kristy Lloyd Photography) 

For many years, Murray has led on LGBT rights in the Washington legislature - including sponsoring the state's domestic partnership bill and contributing to the campaign to win protection against discrimination for gay and lesbian people. When the freedom to marry came to a vote in February 2012, he was integral to the bill's approval. The bill was signed by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire on February 13, 2012. (Photo: AP/Elaine Thompson)

Soon after, anti-marriage activists tried to overturn the marriage law at the ballot. Murray was a vocal proponent of Referendum 74, which sought to uphold the freedom to marry in the state, appearing alongside Shiosaki in the many months of campaigning with Washington United for Marriage. (Photo: Joshua Trujillo)

In November 2012, the Washington United for Marriage team triumphed and celebrated a historic day for marriage that also saw the freedom to marry upheld in Maryland, a marriage law proactively approved in Maine, and an anti-marriage constitutional amendment rejected in Minnesota. (Photo: AP/Elaine Thompson)

When the freedom to marry finally took effect in Washington on December 1, 2012, Murray and Shiosaki were there cheering on all of the loving couples who could at last share in the joys of marriage. They congratulated dozens of families - including Dan Savage and his husband Terry - and knew that soon, they would be joining the ranks of married couples in their home state. (Photo: Joshua Trujillo)

Now, Murray is running for mayor of Seattle, and Shiosaki is standing beside him throught the entire run of the campaign. They were thrilled to tie the knot this weekend - and in November, after the general election, they'll be taking their honeymoon - a celebration 22 years in the making. (Campaign Ad)