Poll: Support for the freedom to marry grows in Long Beach, CA

Posted by Ryan ZumMallen on lbpost.com:

"Long Beach voters' support of allowing gay couples to marry has increased since the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008 according to our new LBPOST.com/Probolsky Research poll among likely Long Beach voters. The poll found that 57.8% of likely Long Beach voters would legalize the freedom to marry and 32.3% oppose with 6.5% undecided.

"Back in 2008, California voters narrowly passed Proposition 8 which provides that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. In that vote, however, Long Beach voters differed from statewide voters when 52.45% opposed Proposition 8 (47.55% were in favor). According to our poll, the amount of Long Beach voters who oppose marriage equality today (32.3%) is lower than the 47.55% of voters who supported Proposition 8 (thereby opposing same-sex marriages).

"Areas of the city that were most in favor of marriage for same-sex couples in 2008 were Downtown, Alamitos Beach and Belmont Shore. 
 “'Long Beach supported the freedom to marry by opposing Proposition 8 in 2008,' explained Adam Probolsky, poll director and Chairman and CEO of Probolsky Research. 'Two years later, our poll indicates Long Beach voters are still very supportive – especially among female, Democratic, decline to state and younger voters – and that opposition to same-sex marriage has actually decreased since 2008,' continued Probolsky.

"Our poll on same-sex marriage also found:

• More women feel gay couples should be allowed to legally marry (64.5%) than men (50.3%).
• 70.4% of Democratic voters feel that gay couples should be allowed to marry, contrasting with 54.1% of Republican voters who feel they should not.
• More of those aged 18-34 feel that gay couples should be allowed to marry (66.7%) than those aged 35-54 (56.9%) and 65+ (46.5%)."

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