Portugal’s Constitutional Court OKs the freedom to marry

As reported by On Top Magazine with h/t to Portugal's IOL Diario:

"Portugal's Constitutional Court has OK'd a freedom to marry bill approved by lawmakers, Portugal's IOL Diario reported.

"President Anibal Cavaco Silva said he forwarded four out of five of the bill's articles to the Constitutional Court because 'he had doubts about its [the 5th article's] constitutionality.' The excluded article bans adoption by married gay and lesbian couples. Cavaco Silva, a Roman Catholic and a member of the PSD party, groups which oppose the legalization of marriage equality, has remained mum on why he set aside the adoption measure.

"In an opinion released Thursday and written by Justice Victor Gomes, the court's majority agreed the bill is constitutional. Two judges disagreed.

"Portugal's Socialist-controlled Parliament, led by Prime Minister Jose Socrates, approved the freedom to marry bill on February 11.

"The president still has the option of vetoing the legislation, but Socrates has said he is prepared to overturn the veto.

"...If approved, Portugal would join five European countries – Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and, most recently, Sweden – in legalizing marriage equality."

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