President Obama: ‘I’m hopeful the Supreme Court comes to the right decision’ on marriage

This week, in an interview with YouTube personality Glozell Green, President Barack Obama again affirmed his commitment to the freedom to marry, calling on the United States Supreme Court to do the right thing and end marriage discrimination in the United States once and for all.

He said:

My hope is that they go ahead and recognize what I think the majority of people in America now recognize, which is two people who love each other and are treating each other with respect, and aren’t bothering anybody else, why would the law treat them differently? Why? There’s no good reason for it, and so as a consequence I’m hopeful the Supreme Court comes to the right decision. ...

As far as me personally, just to see all the loving gay and lesbian couples that I know are great parents and great partners, the idea that we would not treat them like the brothers and sisters that they are that doesn't make sense to me.

For nearly three years, President Barack Obama and his administration have been increasingly vocal advocates for the freedom to marry, beginning with his announcement in February 2011 that the Obama administration believes that the so-called Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. In May 2012, he made history by becoming the first sitting president to voice personal support for same-sex couples' freedom to marry. He subsequently weighed in on four key marriage ballot measures in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, expressed strong support for similar legislative marriage bills, and memorably, in his inaugural address in January 2013, called for the freedom to marry for all couples, saying, "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law - for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well."

Just this week, President Obama highlighted the enormous strides that the country has taken on the freedom to marry in his State of the Union address, calling marriage for same-sex couples a "civil right." And last week, his administration made clear that they would file a "friend-of-the-court" brief calling for the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm the freedom to marry nationwide in their upcoming review of four marriage cases. 

Freedom to Marry applauds President Obama and his administration for his continued support of marriage for same-sex couples and looks toward his personal journey story as inspiration for the increasingly favorable public opinion toward marriage for same-sex couples.