Pro-civil union groups plan lawsuit in Hawaii

Posted by Keoki Kerr on

"The ACLU and other pro-civil unions groups expect to file suit in state court within the next month or so, after Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed civil union legislation Tuesday.

"They'll ask a judge to rule that Hawaii's state constitution provides equal rights -- including civil unions -- to gay and lesbian couples.

"Within a month or so, the ACLU and the gay-rights group Lambda Legal plan to file suit in circuit court, hoping to force the state to allow civil unions.

"'We are standing ready to file that lawsuit in short order to ensure that LGBT families in Hawaii are provided equal rights and benefits. To be sure, the Hawaii Constitution already provides that and we're going to make sure that the courts agree with us,' said Lois Perrin, legal director of ALCU Hawaii.

"'We have a number of plaintiffs that we'll be looking at, who need protection, especially now that the governor has not provided any equal protection for them. These are families and couples,' said Loren Javier, western regional director for Lambda Legal. The potential plaintiffs come from across the state, he said."

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