Rally calls for the freedom to marry in Nebraska

As reported on KETV

"A year after the Iowa Supreme Court cleared the way for same-sex marriages to be legal in Iowa, a rally in Omaha called for Nebraska to follow suit.

"Gay and lesbian couples and supporters from Nebraska and Iowa marched to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge and met in the middle with a message.

" 'As soon as you cross the line, you're no longer married. You realize that? We've got to help Nebraska change that,' said rally attendee Susie Brenner. She and her partner, Linda Beckstead, married after the Iowa ruling made it legal.

"The legal union is unrecognized in Nebraska. 'We live in Omaha and we get no benefits,' Brenner said. 'We wanted to get married on the first day available and we want Nebraska to join with Iowa and make it happen.' "

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