Religious Insights from Indianapolis: Doing As My Priest Taught

One of our Steering Committee members, Tahlib Disney-Britton, who lives in Indianapolis shares daily insights through a google group he maintains. Today he wrote about his experience twenty-two years ago when he baptized his son with his partner:
"Twenty-two years ago, my Catholic priest told me, "Let me worry about church politics." My partner and I went to him to say that Michael, my partner, would be the "God Father" vs. "Other Dad" for our son's baptism, so we could avoid "Catholic politics." His response surprised and affirmed us, "You are both his fathers. Go find a God Father." Today, I read that 60% of Catholics under the age of 30 support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. My job is to grow that number in Indiana and not worry about church politics, just as my priest taught 22 years ago."