Roster of marriage supporters and out stars compete for Emmy Awards

This Sunday, September 22, television's finest will come together for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, the annual awards ceremony honoring the year's best acting, writing, and production in television. This year's nomination roster is full of supporters of the freedom to marry and a number of openly LGBT stars. Here's how 10 of the nominees - and the host at the center of it all - have raised their voices for the freedom to marry. 

Neil Patrick Harris

He's not nominated, but the star of How I Met Your Mother is hosting this year's awards after a well-reviewed and well-received hosting stint a few years ago. Harris and his longtime partner, David Burtka, are raising two children together, and after this year's ruling by the Supreme Court that struck down the central part of DOMA and restored marriage to California, they have acknowledged that they would like to marry. Harris said, "Certainly, we have children and marriage is an appropriate thing to do [as] a part of their well being, so I'm sure it will be inevitable—and awesome!"

Tina Fey

Honored for her last season of the long-running 30 Rock, Tina Fey has been a longtime supporter of the freedom to marry and of gay and lesbian people. She wrote extensively in her first book, Bossypants, about the gay people in her life, and has made many jokes about some people's tendency to treat LGBT people like accessories. She supported marriage for same-sex couples last year when she joked in a TV interview, "We kind of have this relationship with the gay community that we want them to be around and be funny - and then kind of not let them get married." She added, "It's gotta be all or nothing," implying her support for "all."

Lena Dunham

The young creator-writer-producer-star of HBO's Girls has spoken up about marriage extensively this year, often referencing her sister, who is gay. During last year's election, she explained, "I'm voting because I want to party at my sister's future wedding," referencing President Barack Obama's fervent support for the freedom to marry. She has also said that she and her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff of the band fun., will not marry until same-sex couples across the country are able to.  

Kerry Washington

The Scandal star has been a vocal advocate for marriage for same-sex couples, taking to Twitter to cheer on the Supreme Court ruling striking down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, thanking President Barack Obama for supporting the freedom to marry in May 2012, and applauding the New York state legislature when they approved a marriage bill. 

Kevin Spacey

The Oscar-winning star of the Netflix series House of Cards has been a strong voice for equality. 

Jon Hamm

Several years ago, the Mad Men lead spoke out while doing press for his film Howl against Proposition 8, which restricted marriage in California to different-sex couples. He said, "There's a line in the movie [that says] 'I think that publicity engendered by this trial is going to bring this poem to a much wider audience than it ever would have had.' I think that argument can certainly be made for the Prop 8 situation, where publicity engendered by all this brings to light the absurdity of ascribing second-class status to an entire group of people. The more people that see that, I just think in a lot of ways the publicty and press surrounding these issues will only serve to help."

Bryan Cranston

He may play an anti-hero on television with a terrible moral compass, but offscreen, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has expressed his clear values of supporting all families and standing up for the freedom to marry. Last year, he spoke up for equality alongside his wife and daughter, saying, "Gay and lesbian couples should have the right to experience the joys of marriage and family."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The Veep star, who nabbed an Emmy last year for her role in the HBO series, has always had a strong relationship with the LGBT community. She spoke recently with The Advocate, explaining, "I'm supportive of same-sex marriage. I'm all for it. I can't imagine not being for it."

Mandy Patinkin

The Homeland star, who got his start in theater years ago, is a strong supporter of the freedom to marry and LGBT rights. He has spoken fervently for many years in support of equal rights. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family's Mitchell, who married activist Justin Mikita this year, has been a vocal advocate for the freedom to marry across the country, contributing hugely to discussions in California and Illinois and even launching 'Tie The Knot' last year, an organization that sells bow ties to benefit the campaign to win marriage nationwide. 

Openly LGBT stars are also all over the nomination list, including Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory, Zachary Quinto of American Horror Story: Asylum, Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story: Asylum, Tim Gunn of Project Runway, Nathan Lane of The Good Wife and Modern Family and Dan Bucatinsky of Scandal.

Many other nominees this year - including Edie Falco of Nurse Jackie, Laura Dern of Enlightened, Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation, Matt Damon of Behind the Candelabra, Louis C.K. of Louie, Jane Fonda of The Newsroom - have been strident supporters of the freedom to marry.