Video: Cyndi Lauper discusses her work as an LGBT advocate and her video campaign: “Give A Damn”

Posted by Ed Kennedy on

"In her interview with George Stephanopoulos, he asked Cyndi about her new reality show, compared her hockey mom status to Sarah Palin, then asked her about her work with HIV/AIDS charities. She went a different direction with her answer, choosing to talk about her Give A Damn campaign for GLBT equality.

"'Well, when I did the, launched the Give a Damn Campaign online, about giving a damn about equality, which is a viral campaign, the best thing to change people’s minds is have people talk to each other and tell their experiences. And as a little girl, I remembered the woman’s consciousness-raising groups. So I felt that if people talk to other people and they shared their experiences, then we’d become educated about the facts of why there’s a large population in the United States that don’t have equal rights. And that’s the gay community. And you should know about it because the truth is, if you can point out one group of people and say, everybody’s free but you, then eventually, it might be your little group that they’re pointing at. You know? Either we’re all free or we’re not. You know what I mean? So, I don’t know. I was just raised to believe that we were all equal. '"  See video below: