SLIDESHOW: Top pop culture freedom to marry moments in June

It's already been a huge summer for the freedom to marry, with President Obama's comments about marriage for same-sex couples, all of the Defense of Marriage Act court developments, and movement in states facing ballot initiatives.

But in the entertainment and pop culture world, the freedom to marry has also been gaining more traction than ever, and June saw several pop culture moments where the freedom to marry faced significant visibility. 

Here, we take a look at nine marriage moments from this month, including fictional weddings between same-sex couples, real weddings between real same-sex couples, and famous entertainers who have endorsed the freedom to marry.

Positive media representation for the freedom to marry is of utmost importance at this critical time in the movement, and we are thrilled to see such a diversity of voices - athletes, conservatives, corporations, and comic book fanboys - speaking up or demonstrating why marriage matters.