Statement by Evan Wolfson on the first anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court’s landmark ruling

Celebrating a Year of Marriage in Iowa

"First Anniversary of the Freedom to Marry in America's Heartland"

For Immediate Release:  
April 1, 2010 New York, NY

Sean Eldridge 
Director of Communications, Freedom to Marry 

New York, NY - Statement by Evan Wolfson, Executive Director of Freedom to Marry, on the first anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court's landmark ruling in Varnum v. Brien:

"April 3rd is the first anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court's unanimous ruling that excluding same-sex couples from marriage is unconstitutional.  As happy couples and their delighted loved ones begin celebrating personal anniversaries, the milestone marks yet another moment in the marriage movement when critics said we couldn't - but we did.  Before Iowa, naysayers dismissed the freedom to marry movement as a New England phenomenon or a struggle confined to the coasts.  But since April 3, 2009, no one can call the freedom to marry a coastal phenomenon.

We applaud One Iowa and the level-headed lawmakers who rebuffed attempts throughout the year to amend Iowa's constitution and strip away the freedom to marry.  The legislature adjourned last week heeding what every poll reported: that Iowans had no interest in taking away the newfound joy and security of same-sex couples and their families.  Fairness won out, and Iowa continues to inspire America to follow its heartland to marriage equality."

To celebrate a year of marriage, One Iowa and Lambda Legal are hosting an Anniversary Gala on April 3rd in Des Moines. Details: 

Huffington Post: Evan Wolfson, "Refuting the Naysayers: A Year of Marriage in Iowa and Other 'Unlikely' Victories"


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