Study shows more acceptance of gay parents

As reported by Kristine Galvan on My Fox Houston:

"A newly-released study reveals that more and more people in the Houston area support gay rights -- specifically, the right for same sex couples to adopt children.

"In the Houston Area Survey, an annual report by Dr. Stephen Klineberg , the acceptance amount has almost tripled. The report found that only 19 percent of people in the Houston area favored adoption rights for same sex couples in 1991. In 2010, the percentage has increased to 52 percent.

"Dr. Stephen Klineberg thinks attitudes are changing along with the times.

"'Younger people are far more supportive than older people,' said Klineberg. 'Younger people are far more comfortable with diversity than older people.'

"Houston attorney Mitchell Katine and his partner adopted their children just before 2004, when Klineberg's survey registered a 37 percent acceptance rate.

"'We're just a regular family doing our best to raise the kids,' said Katine, who also handles the legal matters surrounding adoptions for other gay and lesbian couples.

"'I think the main difference (in acceptance) is more and more people know somebody who is gay or lesbian.'"

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