Summer for Marriage hits Minnesota

In yet another successful day on the Freedom to Marry Summer for Marriage tour, equality supporters outnumbered NOM supporters as their “One Man, One Woman” tour bus stopped in St. Paul, MN on Wednesday.  Even though NOM recorded its highest turnout to date—about 163 supporters of discrimination against gay couples—Minnesotans continued sending the message of equality that supporters of the freedom to marry have been sending all over the country this summer.  

Led by OutFront Minnesota, 217 LGBT and allied folks gathered in the rotunda of the state capitol for what was truly an inspiring event.  Check out this great video of an OutFront Minnesota addressing the crowd and leading them in a chant: 
It is our duty to fight.  It is our duty to win.  We must love each other and protect each other.  We have nothing to lose but our chains.

With each stop on the tour, our community never fails to inspire. 

What was intended by NOM to be a summer devoted to demeaning gay and lesbian families has turned into an incredible opportunity for us to celebrate the love and commitment of all families. 

Thanks to OutFront Minnesota and the other organizers in St. Paul for showing NOM why marriage matters to us.  The Summer for Marriage tour continues today in St. Cloud, MN, where OutFront Minnesota and PFLAG will hold a peaceful rally at 7pm

(The video is part of NOM Tour Tracker, a partnership between Courage Campaign and Freedom to Marry to document the Summer for Marriage Tour.)