Supporters in IL, MN and OR look to move marriage forward on Valentine’s Day

It's big Valentine's Day for the freedom to marry - thousands of same-sex couples across the country who have tied the knot in the past year are celebrating their first Valentine's Day together, and marriage supporters in several other states are working to ensure that even more couples across the country can share in the joys of the freedom to marry. Legislators and marriage supporters have big movements planned today in three key states: Illinois, Minnesota, and Oregon. Here's how advocates in each state are working today to give same-sex couples the best Valentine's Day present:


Senators in Illinois will vote this afternoon on the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, a bill that would extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples across the state. Illinois Unites for Marriage is the coalition working to pass the bill.

Floor discussion on the marriage bill begins at 11 a.m. Central time. You'll be able to follow along with a live feed of the discussion and vote HERE.

An editorial in The Chicago Tribune today urges residents in Illinois to support marriage for same-sex couples. The piece reads, in part: "Fairness and equality are Illinois values. We know in our hearts that none of us get ahead when some of us are stuck with second-class status. It's time for Illinois legislators to reaffirm those values and pass full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples. It's one simple vote, but it says something truly important about who we are."


To celebrate Freedom to Marry DayMinnesotans United for All Families is rallying at the state Capitol asking legislators to support marriage for same-sex couples. The coalition explained that the rally is a key step in working with legislators to ensure that 2013 is the year that all loving and committed couples in Minnesota can share in the freedom to marry. Nearly 2,000 supporters are expected to attend the rally. 


Basic Rights Oregon, a statewide organization dedicated to winning protection and security for LGBT people in Oregon, is launching a signature-gathering campaign today in order to show through a petition that there is enough support in the state to win the freedom to marry at the ballot in November 2014.

Check out the Oregon United for Marriage website HERE.