Tampa men first gay couple on ‘Marriage Ref’ Thursday night

As reported by Eric Deggans for the St. Petersburg Times:

"Hard to remember the last time Betty Boop caused a problem in any marriage.

"But it turns out that a fight over a life-size statue of the campy 1930s-era cartoon character has earned a Tampa duo the distinction of becoming the first — and so far, only — gay couple to appear on Jerry Seinfeld's unscripted comedy show for NBC, The Marriage Ref.

" 'We didn't even know until we were in New York that we were the first gay couple,' said Salinero, noting that judges Griffin and Lane have a huge gay fan base.

" 'When we found out it was Nathan Lane and Kathy Griffin (judging) we thought it might be a gay-themed night.'

"And even though some bloggers already have snarked about the stereotype of having a gay couple fight over something as campy as a Betty Boop statue, Salinero hopes viewers will learn they are no different than the heterosexual folks who appear on the show.

" 'After the show, we got to meet Jerry Seinfeld, (who) said he was committed to having same-sex couples on,' Salinero said. 'We're just another average couple that has typical silly arguments. The more exposure of that, to me, the better.' "

The show airs Thursday night at 10pm on NBC.

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