Tasmania steps forward on marriage

Posted by Andie Noonan on starobserver.com.au:

"Tasmania’s gay and lesbian community has welcomed the passing of state legislation which now sees the state able to recognise overseas marriages and civil partnerships of same-sex couples.

"Last week the Tasmanian Upper House passed an amendment to the state’s Relationships Act which will now allow couples from overseas and interstate to be automatically recognised as partners in a Tasmanian Deed of Relationship.

"Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesman Rodney Croome said the change will provide same-sex couples with greater legal security if moving to Tasmania.

“'Couples in interstate and overseas unions should not have to re-register their relationship in order to secure the legal rights and protections most other couples take for granted,' Croome said.

... "Before the August election the Gillard Government also [in addition to opposing marriage equalityi] opposed loosening restrictions around issuing required documentation required for Australians to marry same-sex partners abroad."

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