Tell us how you really feel, Donald

By Freedom to Marry's New Media intern Joe Girton.
In a recent interview with Bill O’Reilly, the famously brash entrepreneur said he “doesn’t feel good about gay marriage.” His grounds? Well, he didn’t really have any. Let’s just be glad that this country’s legislation doesn’t emerge from Trump’s invaluable gut feeling. 

His ultimate argument is that excluding couples from marriage should remain the status quo because this country has bigger problems to deal with. I agree: With the country grappling with ways to reduce the federal budget deficit, Speaker of the House John Boehner is vowing to spend taxpayer dollars to defend DOMA, an outdated and despicable statute declared unconstitutional by the White House. Let it go. The efforts by DOMA’s supporters in the Congress could be much better spent figuring out a budget that works, just one of this country’s many real problems.

This country is, and always has been about individual freedom. Unfortunately, Trump’s imposition of his personal morals on an issue affecting many is all too representative of marriage opponents’ approach to the matter. Deviating from the principles which they so vocally endorse, this attempt by people like Trump to legislate an intrusion on private citizens’ lives is out of touch with inherently conservative principles, like the right to pursue happiness in this country.

If you “don’t feel good about gay marriage,” Donald, don’t get one. 

Join the ever-growing majority of Americans in supporting the end of marriage discrimination.