Terrence McNally’s gay drama takes stage in DC, with his own marriage as a bonus

As reported by Brett Zongker of the Associated Press, posted in the Winnipeg Free Press:


"Terrence McNally was writing about divorce among gay couples long before the freedom to marry was ever legal.

"His 1980s play, 'The Lisbon Traviata,' takes audiences from the hilarious highs of friends bonded over opera and then plunges them to the agony of a shattered relationship waiting at home.

"The play was written at the height of the AIDS crisis, and the prospect of being alone during that nightmare was far worse for some than clinging to a bad match and pretending it was good. He wasn't writing role models, McNally said recently. He was writing about real people, warts and all.

"In the city where this play has been revived 25 years later as part of a month-long festival, McNally is drafting a new part of his own story.

"On Tuesday, the 71-year-old playwright and his partner, Tom Kirdahy, 46, exchanged vows on the banks of the Potomac River with the new marriage equality law in the U.S. capital. Never mind their 25-year age difference, he said. They don't feel it, except for their tastes in music."

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