Texas Sen. Wendy Davis urges AG Abbott to stop defending anti-marriage laws

Today, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis spoke out about why marriage matters in her state, explaining that she supports the freedom to marry for same-sex couples and that she would call on the Texas Attorney General to stop defending anti-marriage laws that simply are not defensible. 

She explained:

It's my strong belief that when people love each other and are desirous of creating a committed relationship with each other that they should be allowed to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Sen. Davis' comments come a day after a federal judge in Texas heard oral arguments in DeLeon v. Perry, a lawsuit where two same-sex couples are seeking the freedom to marry and respect for legal out-of-state marriages. The judge heard arguments in the case but did not rule, saying he would do so in the future. Read more about that case HERE

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has vowed to defend the anti-marriage laws in court, but in her comments today, Sen. Davis encouraged him to reconsider, saying she would call on the Attorney General to stop defending these laws. She cited recent decisions by Attorneys General in Virginia and Nevada to drop the state's defense of these harmful constitutional amendments and laws, explaining, "Obviously our AG has the capacity to do the same if he chooses to do so."

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