The freedom to marry comes to Idaho

Today, October 10th, the freedom to marry officially came to Idaho when the United States Supreme Court removed the hold put on marriages in that state earlier this week. And now, all across the Gem State, same-sex couples will at long last share in the protections and respect only marriage can provide.

It's been a busy week for marriage in Idaho, beginning with the landmark ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down both Idaho and Nevada's marriage bans. Same-sex couples were expected to marry the following day, until the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay following the state of Idaho's appeal of the 9th Circuit's decision. But now, with the stay lifted, the 9th Circuit's ruling stands and same-sex couples are eligible to apply for marriage licenses.

Congratulations to the legal team at the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the courageous plaintiff couples who put their families front and center in this historic fight. And congratulations to loving same-sex couples across Idaho who can finally legally marry in the state they call home.