The freedom to marry in Argentina - will other nations follow?

Posted by Sara Miller Llana on

"Argentina has now gone the furthest of any nation in the region [in support of the freedom to marry], and proponents are hoping the move influences other nations.

"Will other nations follow?

“'I think it will have enormous impact in Argentina and South America and around the world, including in the US, because it signifies the tremendous momentum in favor of the freedom to marry,' says Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry in the US.

"Twelve countries now have ended exclusions for marriages of same-sex couples, he says, and the emphasis in Argentina on equal rights for all will be instructive for other nations moving forward.

“'It centered on how a country like Argentina must stand for equality for all, including vulnerable minorities when it comes to civil law [issues] such as marriage licenses,' he says. 'What many legislators and the president said is that it is important to shore up the rule of law and true democratic values, rather than playing favorites or imposing one group's view.'”

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