The freedom to marry is a generational issue

Posted by Katie Connolly on

"It’s [the freedom to marry] a generational issue for several reasons, as the Newsweek correspondent and blogger Katie Connolly points out. Obviously being from one generation or another does not prevent someone from supporting equality, but the trend is worth noting.

"Reason #1: young people today don’t have the same hang-ups about marriage in general – across much of the world marriage has become a much more egalitarian institution. Being married is not an indicator that you are conservative or a man’s property in these places – literally or figuratively.

"Reason #2: younger people are simply more comfortable with gay issues because they’ve been exposed to them more often and from a young age. They all know gay people or have gay friends – and buckets of research, such as research conducted by Gallup, shows that one is more likely to support gay rights, like marriage, if one personally knows someone who is gay. They see gay life represented all over TV and other media.

"Reason #3: gays themselves are more out, more confident and more assertive about full equality and acceptance than ever before. When you’ve won other basic rights, it’s easier to care and spend time agitating for marriage equality

"Reason #4: we now have the freedom to marry in all or some of 11 countries. The world didn’t end, neither did heterosexual marriage. Young people see that and can be more easily convinced to support equality than older people who’ve spent decades dismissing the issue or deeply disbelieving in our cause."

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