Performers convey the importance of ‘Fighting the Good Fight’ at benefit

On Sunday, September 29, the talented actors and creative minds at the Matthew Corozine Studio in New York City hosted a night of monologues and directed scenes about love, marriage, and same-sex couples to benefit Freedom to Marry. The showcase, entitled "Fighting the Good Fight," featured a dozen pieces, ranging from comedic monologues to beautiful dance routines to powerful dramatic scenes. At the heart of all of the scenes was the message that marriage matters - that it's a significant part of the human experience, and that all people in the country - including same-sex couples, should have the freedom to marry the person they love. 

Freedom to Marry's Digital Director, Michael Crawford, spoke before the performance kicked off, explaining Freedom to Marry's strategy for winning marriage nationwide, the Roadmap to Victory. Michael explained that we can return to the U.S. Supreme Court after winning marriage in more states, growing public support higher than ever, and fully ending federal marriage discrimination, and show the court that the country is ready for the freedom to marry in all 50 states. 

The organizer of the event, Josh Kiman, has been a long-time supporter of Freedom to Marry, and this summer, he took his idea of producing a benefit show for the campaign to win marriage nationwide to the Matthew Corozine Studio. Josh works full-time as an attorney, but he's so passionate about winning marriage for same-sex couples that he invested much of his free time into coordinating the event. He spoke at the end of the night about why marriage matters to him and why he believes it's so important for straight allies to raise their voices in support of the freedom to marry. He talked about how his brother Jonathan (pictured right, with Josh) has inspired him to take action.

Josh said:

This cause hits home for me because my brother, Jonathan, is gay. This fight isn’t just his fight. It kills me that he has had to experience pain and fear and intolerance in a way I have never had to endure. And that he had to shoulder that alone for so long before he came out. I hate that our government treats my brother differently just because he is gay.

The federal government sanctions discrimination because it doesn’t yet have the courage to guarantee the freedom to marry to all same-sex couples. And so we have to wait for all the states that discriminate to start doing the right thing.

That’s why it’s so important not to be complacent. We need to continue fighting to make sure that love and equality and tolerance have a louder voice than bigotry and irrationality and hatred. 

Freedom to Marry salutes Josh Kiman and everyone at the Matthew Corozine Studio for putting together such a great theatrical tribute to marriage and equality, and we thank them for their continuing support.