This Valentine’s Day, same-sex couples work toward dream of the freedom to marry

Every February 14, Valentine's Day serves as an opportunity for loving couples across the country to take the time to reflect on their relationships and show how deeply they care for each other. For many same-sex couples in the United States, Valentine's Day is a reminder of the fact that despite their love and commitment for each other, they do not have the freedom to marry in their home state - but increasingly, these couples are feeling inspired, motivated by positive court rulings, rewarding conversations with their friends and family members, and excited by a future that's in sight: a future where all same-sex couples in every state have the freedom to marry. Here's a look at 15 awesome couples celebrating today:

Daniel Zavala and Yohandel Ruiz • Miami, FL • Photo by Joanna Chau

Jo Deutsch & Teresa Williams • Cheverly, MD • Photo by Judy Rolfe

Ashlie & Jennifer Langlinais • Austin, TX • Photo by Shauna Autry

Gail Marquis & Audrey Smaltz • New York, NY • Photo by Nephi Niven and The Devotion Project

Mark Maxwell & Timothy Young • Winston-Salem, NC

Bill Campbell & John Hilton • New York, NY • Photo by Tony Osso and The Devotion Project

Mario Pabón & Jason McAllister • Queens, NY • Photo by Merlardo Productions Ltd.

Spencer & Dustin Stout-Reeser • Salt Lake City, UT

Juan Luque & Patrick Duffy • Tampa, FL

Jamelle & Karane Thomas-Williams • Washington, DC

Megan Smith & Lindsey Wagoner • Chattanooga, TN

Kathryn Hamm & Amy Walter • Arlington, VA • Photo by Carly Fuller Photography

Ashley Jestat & Gabriela Giuliani • Red Bank, NJ • Photo by Wren & Field Photography

Jeff Robertson & Jeremiah Pyant • Houston, TX

Terry Goldman & Doug Behl • New York, NY • Photo by Wren & Field Photography