Thousands rally in Australia to support the freedom to marry

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"Thousands of people have marched through the streets of Melbourne, including politicians and celebrities, to call for equal marriage rights for same sex couples.

"The protesters are urging the public to punish political parties who oppose the freedom to marry when they go to the polls later this month.

... "Comedian Josh Thomas spoke at the rally and says he cannot see why some politicians will not support marriage equality.

"'I just don't understand people that are against it, I don't understand their points,' he said.

"'If you don't want to get married to a gay person that's fine, but why would you want to stop other people from being normal? It makes no sense.'

"The state's Education, Skills and Workforce Participation Minister, Bronwyn Pike, who also attended the rally, is at odds with her party's policy on the freedom to marry.

"'I support the freedom to marry, there are lots of people within the Labor Party who support the freedom to marry, many of them are standing with me today,' she said.

"'I think this is a journey that's unstoppable and I think we will see full marriage equality in this country in the not too distant future.' "

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