Today in Arkansas: Couples seek the freedom to marry in state court hearing

UPDATED 4:50pm: According to Lisa Meyer, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, the Circuit Judge Chris Piazza said that he expects to have a ruling on the marriage case within two weeks. 

Today, April 17 at 1:00pm CT, a hearing will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas in Wright v. Arkansas, a lawsuit filed last summer in state court by private lawyers on behalf of eleven same-sex couples (some married, some unmarried) and a woman seeking respect for her marriage to a woman for the purpose of divorce. 

Previously in this case, Circuit Judge Chris Piazza denied the state of Arkansas' request for the case to be dismissed. 

The hearing will be held while oral arguments continue in a separate case, Oklahoma's Bishop v. United States, at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

Throughout 2014, marriage litigation has continued to move marriage forward across the United States. Right now, more than 60 lawsuits seeking the freedom to marry or respect for same-sex couples' marriages are working their way through the system in 30 states or territories.

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